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Company Staff ID Cards

Identification Cards (ID Cards) are important piece of company's facility and workplace safety. It can identify your employees easily at all times and control access with personalized, secure cards. The plastic ID Cards allow companies to combine the benefits of flexibility, time savings and security of employees and property.


Identify Staff Instantly

In company premises, Staff ID card is essential for easy and quickly identification of company's staff, visitor or vendor. In addition to Staff ID card design which is unique to the company, customers also can connect better with key company information. Company mission and vision messages also can spread through Staff ID Cards.

Staff ID card can be plastic cards or security embedded NFC cards. With NFC cards, it is easy to link with current company's security system such as Card Access Control Systems. 

Not only NFC Cards, plastic cards also possible to implement security features by adding barcode or QR Code printed on the cards.

We are currently providing both blank plastic cards and MiFare type NFC Cards. We can provide other cards such as cards with magnetic stripe, HID Cards, or RFID cards.



In addition to the Staff ID, organizations can use for

  • Membership Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Company's Visitor Cards
  • Company's Temporary Staff Cards
  • Hotel Room Access Cards
  • Game ID Cards
  • Event ID Cards
  • Anime ID Cards

AS Print can provide required card type as well as card design for our customers. With the help of our sister company, the Altitude, we can provide variable data printing service with variable data management sytem. If you need any card printing, please do not hesitate to contact us at or filling our contact form here.